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About Our New Health Center

Our Passion, Our Mission

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Since 1980, Ritter Center has helped thousands of individuals experiencing housing insecurity
and homelessness find and maintain housing, access medical and behavioral healthcare, participate in safety net and social programs, attain nutritious food, and connect with our community partners for access to complementary programs that treat the whole person.

Today, we are renovating a new center at 800 A Street in San Rafael, with a move-in date set for 2024. The new facility will reflect our commitment to and respect for our clients, and enable us to evolve with the needs of Marin County’s vulnerable children, families, seniors, and individuals experiencing homelessness and economic insecurity.

Why Ritter Center Needs to Expand

Due to the high cost of living in Marin County, residents struggle to find and maintain housing, which leads to higher rates of homelessness. Housing is limited and the average monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment is $3,600*, which is $43,200 a year. 

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Marin County 2022 Point in Time Count


increase in chronic homelessness


increase in family homelessness


families experiencing homelessness had unmet needs


individuals experiencing homelessness had unmet needs

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Today’s Challenges

16 Ritter Street has served as Ritter Center's site for 43 years, but now poses challenges that a bigger space will solve. They include limited office and medical space, no parking, outdated facilities, insufficient interior waiting rooms, and an environment that does not reflect our dedication to providing high-quality services. 

Improving Services

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Standing at nearly 14,000 sq. ft., the new center will have the following:


  • 2x the medical exam rooms

  • Modern healthcare equipment

  • Confidential behavioral health rooms

  • Lab for onsite testing

  • Treatment room for minor procedures

  • Meditation and lactation room

  • Off-street parking and EV charging infrastructure

  • Large, interior waiting rooms

  • Medical team room

  • Food pantry that’s double the size of our current pantry

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As a result, Ritter Center will increase healthcare equity and quality of care by:

  • Expanding women's health services

  • Adding ancillary pediatric services
  • Adding supportive employment services

  • Queuing all pantry and clinic visitors inside

  • Providing more culturally appropriate food

  • Providing food to more senior clients

  • Uniting our staff under one roof

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Our Impact

See how our work has helped our people in need and benefited the community.

Support Our Project or Schedule a Tour

Ritter Center CEO Mark Shotwell is currently providing private tours and briefings. If you would like to schedule a tour or support the project, please contact Annie Everett: 

or (415) 847-8043.

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