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Our Donors

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your generosity will help to improve the lives of so many families, including children, veterans, seniors, and individuals struggling with economic insecurity and homelessness in Marin County.


Marin Community Foundation 

Melody Ann Palmer Trust 






William G. Irwin Foundation 

Joseph Bassett Memorial Trust




Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation 

Elsa Leung and Kurt J. Leswing

Margaret and Richard Trezevant 



Ann Batman 

Estate of Helga Blum 

County of Marin


Tim and Edie Biddle

CDFA Office of Farm to Fork

Pam Martori and Robert McCaskill

Tina McArthur and Richard Rubenstein

Katie Smith and Andy Spiegel


Jeanne and William Cahill

Debra and Daniel Delaney 

Judith and Gregg Gibson

Jessica Hansen 

Ann and Andy Mathieson

Rosanna and David Neagle 

RHE Charitable Foundation 



Ethel Baenisch 

Lori and Mark Coopersmith 

Antoinette Doyle 

Leslie and Stephen Isaacs

Claire and Steve Kingsley

Laurie and Dan Masterson

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